Translation to other languages (Kindle feature)

Added by Brian Schwartz about 8 years ago

Good news!

There's a function to do a translation on the Kindle app on the iPad. It's a manual process, but at least we know it's possible. In the example below, I just highlight the text I wanted translated and then was able to have what I highlighted translated to Spanish (even read to me in a Spanish voice). Although there is now way to switch the text of an entire book in one click, I imagine it's eventually coming.

Here are screenshots:

I have not yet found a way to do a translation with Apple iBooks, and I can't confirm whether or not the Kindle fire has the functionality because I don't own a Kindle Fire. But if you have buyers who need to get it translated, you could advise them it's an option on the Kindle App on the iPad.

Pretty cool eh?