Create a custom divider, scene (or thematic) breaks for PubWriter

Added by Brian Schwartz over 2 years ago

I will create a new section for what I would consider more advanced tutorials and ones specifically for PubWriter agents, but till then, here you go.

This is the same as the <hr> tag in HTML (which you can also use in Markdown, or you can use ***). I recommend the *** since it will transfer over more cleanly to print.

This is a bit longer - 20 mins or so, but it introduces some pretty slick things you can do with PubWriter.

The idea is to use the same scene break you used in your print edition on your website. When used with the font of your book and cover, you can see how seamlessly the experience from your book to your website can truly be.

(or view it on YouTube)

Here is the css snippets I referenced:

/* Divider

hr {
clear: none;
height: 50px;
width: 373px;
margin: 2.5rem auto;
border: none;

Next you copy the CSS from, and add this at the end of the Base64 code:

background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position-x: 50%;

Have fun!


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