IngramSpark vs. LSI vs. CreateSpace

Added by Brian Schwartz over 4 years ago

Starting in June-2017, IngramSpark changed their pricing model. Now, authors who are setup with IngamSpark pay a higher price than those setup with Lightning Source.

If you haven't yet read my explanation on the difference between IngramSpark and CreateSpace, you should and can do so here.

One advantage of IngramSpark is avoiding the $12 annual fee/title they charge you if you are with Lightning Source - not much until you have many titles, and then it can be a hit if you are not generating many sales. There's also a $49 title setup fee that we can often get around with IngramSpark, but not with Lightning Source. There's also a $25 charge everytime you upload a new interior or cover. Since CreateSpace doesn't charge any of these setup or change fees, you may want to consider whether or not you plan to sell enough books to justify the additional expense. There's also the added labor of setup.

I haven't a chance to compare all the different options, but I have to assume the % difference would be consistent. Here's a side-by-side comparison of IngramSpark vs. LSI:

Here's the cost/royalty for the same title setup at CreateSpace:

So for a 52 page full-color book (note: quality of print full color from CreateSpace tends to be noticeable better than IngramSpark/LSI):

LSI: $2.95/ea.
IngramSpark: $3.79/ea.
CreateSpace: $4.49/ea.

Earned royalties are the highest from CreateSpace, but ONLY for books sold on Amazon.