The Could > Should > Must priority system

Added by Brian Schwartz over 6 years ago

Within AuthorDock, you'll see the priority system we use is:

  • TBD
  • MUST

This is a useful way to prioritize your punchlist which follows the ideology described below:

First, something comes into our consciousness as a 'what if' - something we could do. Then as we get closer to it, it becomes evident if it's something we have the resources to do. At this time, we may determine it's something we should do. But should do's rarely get done.

It's not until we determine it is a must do item and assigned a resource and deadline, that it actually gets done.

The default is TBD (To Be Determined) so we can gather a full list of all the ideas without necessarily having to decide at that time of creation which priority it ought to be.