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Added by Brian Schwartz about 2 years ago

Using War Rooms in AuthorDock provides a tool to silo information and ideas related to a specific topic.

The term War Room is a carry over from my corporate days where the term was used when management would dedicate a conference room as a 'War Room' to produce a specific outcome, win a particularly large deal, or resolve a specific issue.

In extreme examples, the CEO would announce that nobody was to leave the war room until a plan of attack was defined.

Unlike Punchlist items, the information is not limited to specific events, but rather a collection hub for all information related to a topic.

You can use it as a shared digital notebook. The perk of using War Rooms is having a quick way to search and find the information you will likely need again later.

Collaborative War Rooms are especially valuable because you are tapping into the collective wisdom of all members in that project.

You can link directly to a war room message very quickly. After you create one, it will assign a specific number that can be found in the URL bar:

Make a note of the number (in this case 718).

You can link directly to it from anywhere else within AuthorDock by using the context message#718 it will automatically link directly to that war room topic.

Here's an example:

AuthorDock Onboarding

Above, I typed message#718 and it automatically inserted the title of the war room message links to it.

I will write a follow-up message to explain actual use scenarios of war rooms so you can use them to your full advantage.


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