Q&A (easy linking to specific messages)

Added by Brian Schwartz over 6 years ago

Unlike Milestones items, the information in the Q&A Module is not limited to specific milestones, but rather a collection hub for all information related to a project or topic.

You can use it as a shared digital notebook. The advantage of using Q&A is having a quick way to search and find the information you will likely need again later.

Collaborative Q&A are especially valuable because you are tapping into the collective wisdom of all members in that project.

You can link directly to a war room message very quickly. After you create one, it will assign a specific number that can be found in the URL bar:

Make a note of the number (in this case 718).

You can link directly to it from anywhere else within AuthorDock by using the context message#718 it will automatically link directly to that Q&A topic.

Here's an example:

AuthorDock Onboarding

Above, I typed message#718 and it automatically inserted the title of the war room message links to it.

Hope you find it helpful!

~ Brian