Phase 4: ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Campaign

Added by Brian Schwartz over 8 years ago

WHEREAS the Author desires to have Service Provider assist in a pre-release (or initial outreach) ARC (Advance Reader Copy) marketing campaign in an effort to gather genuine credible reviews (from experienced book reviewers) for use in publication and to increase the number of legitimate reviews by providing Author requests for review copies.

Service Provider will also promote Author’s work through an online press release that is distributed to thousands of book reviewers, librarians, and bookstores. You can view a partial list of where the press release will be distributed here.


1. Scope of Work

Service Provider shall setup and run an Advance Reader Copy campaign on behalf of the Author.

Included in Service Providers services are:

  • Write & publish an online press release announcing release of Author’s work with a direct link to request a review copy. We will distribute the press release to over 18,000 Media organizations and over 3,000 book reviewers.
  • Work with Author to create a list of at least 10 keywords to be used in conjunction with the campaign (to be incorporated into press release).
  • Setup Review Tracker: Online reviewer request capture form + online spreadsheet
  • eBook fulfillment page


2. Author’s responsibility

  • Assist Service Provider in authoring press release (note: We will utilize any preexisting materials/press releases) including content posted on Amazon or Author’s website) and provide samples. See examples at:
  • Fulfill requests for review copies (if print format requested).
  • Provide Service Provider with any necessary account logins.

**NOTE: A more comprehensive overview of the ARC Campaign (including a video walkthrough) is available here.

ARC page setup

Will include the following:

  1. Reviewer request page.
  2. eBook fulfillment page.
  3. Online Tracker (allowing you to see who requested a copy and when so you can follow-up for a review).


Here is a visual to explain further:

You see an example of how the pages would look (feel free to click through as if you were a potential reviewer):

Reviewer Request Page (this takes you to the request page)

After they fill out the form, they are redirected to an ebook fulfillment page (offering an electronic version of the book).

eBook Fulfillment Page

This is the page the reviewer will be redirected to if they requested a review copy. This page allows them to download various eBook editions of your book:

Reviewer Tracker

You will also receive an email anytime someone requested a copy of your book, which also populates a Google sheet you would also have access to::