Phase 1: Format, convert, and publish your eBook edition

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Since 2009, we have assisted hundreds of authors publish and promote their books & eBooks. We work strictly on a work-for-hire basis, so you retain all rights and royalties. By following a proven 5 phase best practices approach, we have helped over 50 authors become Amazon bestsellers.

We are committed to delivering nothing less than our very best every day (and we are always striving to improve on our best). We discovered long ago that our success is a direct result of the success of our clients. We always strive to produce a result that measures up to the appreciation we have for the work you have already done.

As a work-for-hire publishing consulting firm, our sole focus is on the needs of our clients. We work with less than 100 authors per year and because of our smaller size, we are able to provide higher quality, dedicated support, and fast turn-around – all aspects of our business model designed to benefit you, our most valued client.

Each new client benefits from the cumulative experience that results from the previous work we’ve completed for the hundreds of clients who’ve already hired us.

We follow a 5-phased optimized process based on best practices that we recommend.

  1. Phase 1: Create and publish eBook to the major marketplaces.
  2. Phase 2: Setup print-on-demand edition – for review copies and/or for sale.
  3. Phase 3: Setup your author profile pages on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.
  4. Phase 4: Send out an offer for complimentary review copies (ARCs) to book reviewers.
  5. Phase 5: Run an Amazon KDP bestseller campaign.

Sample work

Standard format eBooks (higher complexity):

Here are some Fixed Layout eBooks (larger files) – and you should really download them to a device to seem them accurately because the pop-up previewer Amazon provides does not correctly display Fixed Layout books:

Phase 1: eBook Formatting & Conversion (epub/mobi)

WHEREAS the Author desires to have the Service Provider prepare manuscript into formats suitable for digital publishing (.epub & .mobi) directly to the major marketplaces (ie; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc.) and the Service Provider desires to digitally prepare the Work, on the terms and conditions and in consideration of the covenants set forth herein;


1. Scope of Work

Service Provider shall deliver to the Author the Work in compliant formats that are ready-to-publish directly to the major marketplaces.

There may be minor variations in the final e-book version compared to the print or pdf version (these are consistent with best practices for the vast majority of eReaders). Unless agreed to otherwise, other understands the following:

  • Any tables that must be retained as tables will inserted as inline images.
  • Any shaded background or text in callouts or lined boxes around text, will be inserted as an image.
  • Any callouts will be inserted inline as images.
  • Transparent images are not supported (all images are converted to jpg with a white background)
  • All images will be inserted inline (no wrapped text).
  • All bullets will be in the form of a default bullet - No embedded fonts will be used, the eReader (and owner of the device) will determine the font and size.
  • Hyperlinks to external websites will be active links.
  • With the exception of the TOC (Table of Contents), there will be no active links to other parts of the book within the book itself.(ie. Bookmarks within the book that are linked to other sections within the same book)
  • Table of Contents will be hyperlinked and accessible (along with cover and start page) in device navigation.
  • Any indexes will be removed.
  • All page #’s will be removed.

2. Author’s responsibility

  • Provide book interior in acceptable digital form, including but not limited to: Unprotected PDF, MS Word, Open Office, Pages (Mac), RTF, ePub or InDesign (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4). If using CS5or newer, save the file in IDML format.
  • Provide front cover in digital form (jpg or pdf).

3. Account setup with Marketplaces

It is expected that Author will (or already has) establish Author accounts with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Account approval is outside Service Provider’s control, however Service Provider will do its best to assist a problem occurs. Author may not withhold final payment awaiting new account approval at any of the marketplaces, nor will Author receive a refund if accounts are not approved. You may setup your accounts in advance at the following locations:

4. The following services are NOT provided in this scope

  • Setting up files on Apple, Amazon, Kobo, and/or BN (option is available for an additional fee)
  • Setting up author’s seller accounts (option is available for and additional fee)
  • Editing or proofreading of existing content.
  • Insertion of additional chapters or images not currently in the book.

5. Time for delivery / preliminary schedule

Service Provider will make a best effort to deliver the Work within 14 days of receipt of payment (make checks payable to: 50 Interviews Inc., Credit Card by phone, or Paypal). Author understands, however, that such delivery date shall be affected by Author's comments and suggested revisions and matters beyond Service Provider's control.

6. Author's representations:

Author represents that the manuscript and any images contained therein do not infringe any other person’s copyrights or other property rights, nor do they violate the rights of privacy of, or libel, other persons or entities. Author agrees to defend through counsel of Service Provider's choice, indemnify Service Provider and hold it harmless against all costs and liabilities arising from any claims by any person that the manuscript violates third party rights or causes damages.

7. Independent contractor

The relationship between Service Provider and Author shall be that of independent contractor and principal, and the parties are not partners or joint venturers.

8. Completion of project and future changes

Author acknowledges that account setup and approval are outside the Service Provider’s control, and any issues as a result are not a basis for non-payment of work performed.

Prices are based on the scope of the project as outlined in this proposal, based on submission of Author’s files received by Service Provider. All quoted prices are in effect for sixty (60) days. Author understands that any changes to the Work after it has been submitted may result in an $85/hour fee.

Marketplace Setup (Option)

  • Title Setup on Author’s Amazon KDP account
  • Title Setup on Author’s Barnes & Noble nook account
  • Title Setup on Author’s Apple iBooks account
  • Title Setup on Author’s Kobo account

WHEREAS the Author desires to have the Service Provider assist in a setting up the Work for sale on Amazon & Apple. Service Provider desires to setup the Author’s Work on the terms and conditions and in consideration of the covenants set forth herein;


1. Scope of Work

Service Provider shall setup title for sale on Selected Marketplaces to Author’s account(s).

  • Service Provider shall complete title setup (including upload compliant files) to Author’s accounts.
  • Service Provider will provide Author with direct links (URLs) to the listings when they go live.

2. Author’s responsibility

  • Author shall establish seller accounts on each marketplace. If Author is unable to fulfill these requirements, Service Provider can assist for an additional fee of $49/marketplace or $149 for all four marketplaces.
  • Provide Service Provider with any necessary account logins.
  • Assist Service Provider with necessary description, categories, keywords, and price.

What about Google Books (Google play)?

We don’t recommend you publish to Google play because Google reserves the right to change the price you set for your eBook. What happens when Google play lowers the price of your book? If Amazon finds out (and they often do), they will lower the price of your Kindle book to match the lowest price they find. As a result, you earn a lower royalty on your Kindle sales that results from the lower price.