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Q. Do you need a separate ISBN for each format of your book?

No. Only Bowker will tell you so because they make a profit $ on every ISBN sold. The only edition you need an ISBN for is the print edition.
If you plan to offer your book in hardcover, you'll need a second ISBN.
If you release a 2nd edition, technically, you need a new ISBN, although many authors just called it 'Revised edition' and keep the same ISBN. That way, the reviews they gathered stay tied to latest book on Amazon. When you issue a new ISBN for a book, it becomes a new listing on Amazon.

ISBNs are only used to catalog books-in-print.

You can learn more about ISBNs and your options here.

Q. Do you need a Library of Congress (LOC) number?

Yes. But only if your book is in print. Also, keep in mind it does take a year+ to actually get into the library of congress and you have to send them a copy of the book to get into the queue. It's at their discretion as to whether or not they will actually include your book in the LOC, and they don't provide any criteria on what books make the cut.

We can request an LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) on your behalf. You must have an ISBN # in order to request an LOC #.

The process typically takes 48 hours and the LCCN # does need to be added to your copyright page along with your ISBN #.

You can hire us to assign you an ISBN and/or LCCN from us here.

If we do assign you an ISBN, in order to setup the metadata for you at Bowker, we'll need to following info:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author
  • Custom imprint (optional, if not specified Wise Media Group will be used)
  • Cover
  • Interior PDF (optional - it may help findability)
  • Main category (1)
  • Price (print)
  • Size of book (6x9, etc..)
  • Number of pages
  • Paperback or Hardcover