AuthorDock Onboarding

Dear Author,

AuthorDock is the tool we use to manage client work, and because we give it a higher priority than email, it's a valuable tool for you.

Because multiple agents may be assigned to work on your project, your AuthorDock project page is the centralized hub for communication with everyone vested in your success.

It's important to understand that within the AuthorDock model, emails only serve as a notification that something has been updated or requested in AuthorDock.

The first step, if you haven't done so already, is to create a new account on AuthorDock. After you do so, I'll add you to your project page (usually within 24 hours).

To reiterate, when you do get an email from AuthorDock, do not reply to that email, but rather click through to post an update.

Here's a short video I recently recorded to give you a better sense of AuthorDock in action:

Here's a quick tutorial to help you get started:

IF by chance, AuthorDock notification emails are going into spam (they will come from, here's how to prevent the issue from happening again in the future:

You will receive an email anytime you are assigned an item or added as a 'watcher' on the item.

Here's how you should respond to notifications:

A key benefit of AuthorDock is that all 'history' is kept in one place so you spend so much time looking for items. It's may be helpful to know how to view 'all' items - including those that are closed:

After I add you to your project, I'll assign you a punchlist item to demonstrate the process and confirm you understand it. Simply change the status to 'Complete' on the status when you've completed it:

There is also a help link at the top of the AuthorDock site to answer common questions. If something isn't clear, be sure to let me know and I'll either point you to an existing article or create a new one.

Committed to your success,

Brian Schwartz

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